Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Celebrity Silhouette More Ship Pictures (Pool, Gym, Solarium)

More beautiful pictures of the Celebrity Silhouette.
These were taken when the ship was docked in Venice.

Wow, the lighting effects are night are simply amazing.

Very pretty.  It was too cold for anybody to be swimming.

A very empty gym.

The threadmill machines faced the sea, which was nice.

Another view of the threadmills.

This was taken from the entrance.  A very spacious feel.

The Solarium.  Very peaceful.

Pretty too!

Nobody was swimming tonight.

Water depth of 1.3M.

I think most people were partying out in Venice?  Or maybe watching the show or just having dinner.  It was so quiet and peaceful in here!

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  1. Where is this pool and what is its name?

    1. This pool is on board the Celebrity Silhouette, a cruise ship. This class of ship is called the Solistice class. The cruise like is called Celebrity cruises. Currently they have five of such ships in their fleet.