Sunday, December 8, 2013

SwissAir - Singapore to Zurich to Rome

Swiss Air Flight (November 2013)
LX 179 - Singapore to Zurich
LX 1726 - Zurich to Rome

Our family would be flying to Rome for a cruise holiday on the Celebrity Silhouette.  We managed to snag a very good deal on the Swiss Air flight.  The connection was quite tight (arrive Zurich 0600, depart Rome 0720) because we were told that we had to change terminals.

Here is the video -

Changi Airport Terminal 2.

LX 179 to Zurich departing 2335 at gate E26.

 We had center aisle seats, therefore I couldn't take any photos of the take-off.  Supper was served shortly after take-off. The merlot was very easy to drink.

I finished it all.

Child's meal.  Kids enjoyed it.

Some selection of movies for children.  It kept them suitably entertained during the waking hours.

That's breakfast!

Breakfast for adults.

Swiss gives out nice chocolates at the end of the flight.

They look good and taste good.

Goodbye!  Arrival was on time.

It ended up that the plane parked at the European terminal.  So we did not need to change terminals and that saved us some hassle. Walking along the Terminal.

Looking for the gates of the connecting flight.  We had to go through security and immigration.  There were no lines that early morning.  That helped!

Waiting at the gate to board the flight to Rome.

This was a close-up shot of the controls at the aero-bridge, at the aircraft gate.  Looks very cool!

We are seated in the Airbus A320.

Shortly after take-off.  See the mountains above the clouds.

Those are mountains sticking above the clouds.  Beautiful sight!

That looked like some roads in the valley?  Not sure.  Wonder what it is like to live there.

Just landed in Rome.  Arrival was on time.  Alitalia planes, as expected.

Spotted an easyJet.

Baggage claim area.  As we flew in from Zurich, there was no immigration control.

Took about 30 minutes for the baggage to reach the carousel.

Thank you for reading.

Check out my trip video -

This was the return flight Rome to Singapore via Zurich.

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