Friday, December 20, 2013

Brunch on the Celebrity Silhouette Nov 2013

Brunch - Celebrity Silhouette

This is the famous brunch on a sea day.  The event was not well advertised, just an entry in Celebrity Today. The Cruise Director made no mention of the Brunch the evening before.

A short video clip here:

A picture from the stairs.

The ice carvings were beautiful.  Let's go take a closer look.

The ice carvings were really interesting.   Drinks.

Vodka bottles.

The famous X.

More champagne?
Salad station.

Salad station, with chef tossing salads.

You get your seafood from here.

A closer look at the shrimp (or prawns).

A great spread of cheeses.

Sushi table.

Salads with dressing.

The carvery.

That looks like cereal.

Smoked salmon.

I think this was the egg station.


Look at that dessert spread!

A sight to behold.

One more shot.

Beautiful presentation - the X in red.

Shot from the front.

This was the pasta station.

Another look at the chocolate fondue.

Desserts again.

Side view of the cheeses.

Ham and other cold cuts of meat.

Sushi station from the back.

Taken from up the stairs.

A good crowd.

Wonderful buffet spread!

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