Saturday, December 14, 2013

Celebrity Silhouette Oceanview Cafe Buffet

Celebrity Silhouette Oceanview Cafe

We were on a 13N cruise from Rome to the Med and Adriatic Seas in Nov 2013.
This is the self-serve buffet.  It has an excellent layout and very spacious.  The food was very good!

A video of the food during dinner on one of the evenings.

Some pictures.  I had this for supper one evening, after a very full mean in the main dining room!  I loved the a la minute steaks.  Very tasty and decent cuts of meat.

Loved the sushi presentation.  That was real grass.  The selection of sushi was very good.  Too much to eat, as usual.

Real grass.

Unfortunately, I did not take any videos of lunch and breakfast offerings.  The food selection was also very good. I shall update this thread with pictures.

The breakfast has a wide selection of food, including a comprehensive egg station where you can also get Eggs Benedict.  This is what I had for breakfast on a sea day.

After the 'main course' (above), here was dessert.

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