Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Difference in Flying COVID versus Pre-COVID - Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 Experience 6 years apart!

We fly to London during COVID! December 2021. Ever wondered about the difference between flying in COVID and pre-COVID? I highlight the differences in the 2 SQ317 Airbus A380 flights we took, comparing the 2015 flight versus the 2021 flight. Wow, 6 years apart! Watch this to find out more!

Alright here is the full flight review of these 2 flights.
First, the more recent one - SQ 317 London Heathrow to Singapore in December 2021. We had the chance to do some travelling during COVID to the UK. This was our flight home. Enjoy the flight!

And, the flight from 2015 on the SG50 Airbus A380. A blast from the past!!

Part 1

Part 2

Boarding the Singapore Airlines SG50 Airbus A380 Aircraft!

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