Monday, November 13, 2017

Nasi Lemak Burger & Ninja Burger Singapore

Nasi Lemak Burger for Breakfast

This was from the McDonald's at Serene Center, on a weekend morning.  I visited the Macs and discovered that they were serving the Nasi Lemak burger for breakfast!  Couldn't resist, so I had breakfast (again).  Ordered the Nasi Lemak burger plus Latte.  Pretty good for breakfast.


Ninja Burger for Supper

This was from a different McDonalds.  Decided to try out their latest burger, called the Ninja burger. Fit for a Ninja!  That's what the box said.  Satisfy your appetite for VICTORY with a juicy, crispy chicken patty, glazed with sweet Nanban Sauce, topped with shredded white cabbage and Japanese tartar sauce, all tucked between a charcoal bun.  Resistance is futile!  How did it taste?  Remarkably similar to the Nasi Lemak burger.  I think they used the same sauce!

Thanks for watching!

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