Thursday, August 3, 2017

Singapore Busker Lawrence Wong Khaw Boon Wan MRT - Hilarious!

This Singapore Busker uncle has a decent deep voice, plus decent guitar skills.  But what really stood out was his lyrics.  Really funny.  He sings about Lawrence Wong, Khaw Boon Wan, about HDB, about MRT, all to the famous tune of 'Blowin in the Wind' by Bob Dylan.

Worth a watch, Singapore talent!

Since you are on my page, why not check out the famous Nasi Lemak Burger!  This burger was introduced for a short while by McDonalds to celebrate Singapore's 52nd birthday, in the year 2017.  I tried it once, not too bad, though I still prefer the real Nasi Lemak.

Speaking of Nasi Lemak, the Adam Road Nasi Lemak is rather famous in Singapore.  This stall is called Crave, serving the famous Adam Road Nasi Lemak.  Yummy!
Have a good day!

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