Saturday, October 22, 2016

Nespresso Used Coffee Grounds Fertilizer for my Lime Plant

What do you do with your used Nespresso capsules? I used to throw them away. Then I was given a recycling bag by the Nespresso boutique. I asked the boutique staff how they recycled the capsules and they told me the grounds were used as fertilizer.

I found this link online - - the coffee grounds were indeed used as natural fertilizer in a vineyard. Nice. Then I figured if this fertilizer was good enough for a vineyard, it would be good enough for my potted plants. And that led me to start using the coffee grounds for my Lime plant, and this video shows you how. Very easy. Just cut the soft aluminum top open and pour the stuff out. We used a disposable chopstick to help extract the coffee ground. Grow, lime plant grow!

Thanks for watching!

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