Wednesday, February 3, 2016

COE Bidding - Do It Yourself - My Experience Part 2 - Small car COE cost more than Big Car COE!

3 Feb 2016 COE Bidding.  This is the second time I would be bidding for the COE myself, so this time I'm more seasoned already.  I put the bid in one day before, at the ATM.  Here is the video.  I bidded for Category A.

I put in a serious bid and I thought I had a decent chance, given that the number of COEs for Cat A in this bidding cycle is significantly higher than 2 weeks ago. But alas, I did not get the COE. Here is the bidding action.

Plenty of action in Cat A but Cat B hardly moved until very close to the bid closing time. Ironically, had I placed the same bid for Cat B, I would have gotten a Cat B COE!

As it turns out, the Cat B COE is approx $8,000 less than Cat A COE for this bidding. Strange isn't it? Small car COE cost more than big car COE!

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  1. Hi, looking forward to your next post on CoE bidding .

    I do find the dealers charging me a car price that is more than just subtracting the retail price by the CURRENT coe...So still figuring out why and this is a dampener for me at least..

    Do update if u can find a dealer that is fair on the car price