Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Singapore Garden City - Forest Walk, Canopy Walk, Henderson Waves, Botanic Gardens

To the outsider or foreigner who knows little about Singapore, he may have heard that Singapore is an economically vibrant city, but what is less well known is that Singapore is also a Garden City. We are a beautiful city, with many gardens, parks and nature reserves. In my free time, I have made some videos of some of these awesome park connectors and unique aspects of our Garden City. Feel free to share this blog link and video links with your friends, especially those who are not familiar with Singapore!

Henderson Waves This is the tallest pedestrian foot bridge in Singapore. The design is really unique and the architecture is beautiful. There is a different feeling when you come in the night, versus the day. This video shows you the Henderson Waves during a bright and sunny day.

Forest Walk Near the Henderson Waves, you can find the Forest Walk which will bring you down to Alexandra Road. They have built a metal zig-zag bridge, right through a secondary tropical forest. You are high up in nature, and you can see the trees up close. Amazing.

Canopy Walk As the name implies, in this walk, you are high up in the Canopy of a rain forest. Very interesting. Feels like I was flying!

Botanic Gardens Now a UNESCO Heritage site, the Gardens have a long history. Within the Gardens, there is the National Orchid Garden and within that a VIP Orchid Garden. All worth a visit.

Thanks for watching!

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