Thursday, September 24, 2015

Bride-to-be hailed Prettiest Bride in China as She Tried Valiantly to give CPR to Collapsed Man

A young nurse has been named the 'prettiest bride' by Chinese media after trying to save a man on September 21.  Her name is Guo Yuanyuan, aged 25.  She and her hubby-to-be were in the midst of their wedding photo-shoot on a beach in Dalian, China.

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Others on the beach spotted a man, in the sea, who was shouting for help.  Some swimmers managed to pull the man in, from the waters.  However, the man was barely conscious when he reached the beach.  Mr Zhao, one of the rescuers, said: 'At the time his lips had gone purple and his face was going blue. It seemed like he had a sudden heart attack.' As a crowd gathered around the man, it appeared that no one knew how to perform CPR.

That is when the valiant bride-to-be stepped up and outshone all others with her valiant attempt to resuscitate the man.  Check out this video footage of her trying her darn best to give this unconscious man another shot at life.  It is quite inspiring, even though her efforts were ultimately futile.

It turns out that Ms Guo Yuanyuan was a cardiac nurse at a local hospital.  Obviously, she was not on duty that day. The wedding photo shoot of a bride is a very important and significant milestone in her life.  Yet, witnesses say that when the event occurred, Ms Guo rushed to the aid of this man, without any hesitation whatsoever, while still wearing her wedding gown.  It looked like all her life-saving instincts came into play.

She proceeded to perform CPR on the man, as well as give him the 'kiss-of-life' for over 20 minutes. In the process, she ruined her wedding dress, spoilt her make-up and broke her nails.

Guo's fiancé, named as Xiao Liu, proudly revealed that his bride-to-be enjoys helping people. He also said she had run faster than him when the incident occurred.

Images of the Ms Guo saving the man quickly spread across Chinese social media where she was given the title of the 'prettiest bride'.

Guo said of the incident, 'At that time, I only remember that I was a nurse. My career's responsibilities are higher than that of a bride.'

We salute Ms Guo Yuanyuan for her selfless and valiant efforts!!  Definitely a role model for most people, who prefer to just watch from the sidelines.

Well done!!

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