Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hwang's Korean Eatery - Korean Food - NUS Science Canteen

Hwang's Korean Food, newly opened store at the National University of Singapore Science Canteen.   The first time we ate at Hwang's was at their eatery located in University Town, NUS.  The food was good.

It looks like Hwang's was expanding.  They already have another store at the NUS Business canteen.  So this is their third store in NUS.  They also have stores outside NUS, I heard.

Their store in the Science canteen is located at one corner, just beside the Spinelli's.

Here are the prices, slightly cheaper than the U-Town eatery.  $5 for the famous Ginseng Chicken soup.

There is the ginseng chicken soup.  Very good portion, half a chicken.  Very wholesome meal, simply delicious!

All the side dishes.

This was the kimchi soup.  This was also very good.

This was the beef, something that my kids like.  The portion size is good.

A good meal for the family.

I am about to start!

Before that, let me take a video. Check out my video of the Ginseng Chicken Soup - my favorite!

We eat at Hwang's quite often. The food is very good and nutritious. Prices are very reasonable.

Highly recommended!

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