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Adventure of the Seas Day 10 Molde Part 6 - Walking Around Molde in the Afternoon

After lunch in the Windjammer, it was time to take a little rest before we headed out again.  The kids were full of energy, and they went to Adventure Ocean!

Here are some pictures from the sun deck.  Great views of Molde on a sunny day.

That is the stadium.  Looks rather small from here.

The Varden viewpoint is up there, somewhere.  Yups, we walked all the way up there and back.  No wonder we felt a bit tired!

The sun was out.  A good number of passengers relaxing.

A video - Part 1

Part 2 - Molde

Enjoying the sun!  Well, this has been a rather cloudy cruise.

There is the Fjord ferry again.  It just keeps plying the route.

What's that?

I think the ship's crew were doing some lifeboat drills.  That certainly looks like one of the Adventure of the Seas's life boats.

Now, those weren't life boats.

The jogging/walking lanes were clear.  You could keep jogging around to burn some calories.  5 laps = 1 mile.  Very useful.

Oooh, now two yellow life boats.  Looked like they were having fun.

Alright, it was time to take another walk.  By the time we left the ship to walk again, it was mid afternoon, I think past 3pm.

Now, the plan was to walk to the town centre.  Remember, this was a Sunday.  We didn't expect much to be open.  Hey! Do you see that sign to Varden on the signpost?  Yes, that way to Varden.  It would be 4.2km from this point.

The ship looked really big in port.

A convenience store was open.  Went in to take a look.  35NOK for a soft serve on a cone.

You could get some drinks, if you cared for them.

The ship looks like a tall building.

This eatery called EGON looked open too.

The people walking around, probably from our ship?  Not sure.

This looked to be their shopping street, but most shops were shut.  See the ship in the background.  Almost looks like a spaceship has just docked, doesn't it?

Nice car.  We were walking towards the town hall.

We keep walking.

And we found her.  The rose maiden.  This was the town hall.  Molde was supposedly famous for roses.

The cathedral and all the Norwegian flags.

We climbed up some stairs and here was the entrance to the church.

It was pretty peaceful inside.

Minimalist design.

The altar.

The clock-tower.  Also bell tower, I think.

I thought I spotted a rose.  Red, but a rose, it was not.

This was supposedly the Rose Garden (on top of the Town Hall) but we were too early in the summer for roses.  Again, see spaceship Adventure of the Seas docked at Spaceport Molde.

A short video of the scenery from the top of the Town Hall, outside the church, Molde Norway.

This was the bus terminus, about an 8-10 minute walk from the port gate.  On weekdays (non-public holidays), there would be public buses from here that would ply the Atlantic Road.  We had wanted to use the public bus, however, this was a Sunday before Pentecost and the buses were not operating.   Too bad for us.

You could see the ship from here!  This place is pretty small.

The view of the bus bays.

Menu from a shop selling burgers and stuff.

Heading back to the ship now.

Saw quite a number of people hanging around the Tourist Information. Later I figured that there was free wi-fi there.

Can't remember why I took a photo of this car.

A restaurant called Syd.  Closed.

Getting closer to the ship.


Back on board.

Time to take a short break before dinner!

Thanks for reading!

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