Monday, July 28, 2014

Adventure of the Seas Day 11 - MDR - Olden, Norway

Main Dining Room - Day 11, ship had sailed from Olden, Norway.  The ship sailed at 3pm.  The inspiration for the menu was Shiitake.  Mushrooms, yeah.

When I was young, I was told never to eat mushrooms growing by the roadside.  Some mushrooms are very poisonous!  Alright, Shiitakes are fine.  I'm still alive.

Spinach dip.  This is something we never eat back in Singapore.  So it was worth a try.

Seafood salad.

Refreshing.  Quite a lot of seafood too!

And the mains.  What a load of mashed potato.  Worse, they tasted to good!  Yeah, while I try to avoid carbs, sometimes the carbs become irresistible.

This was a shrimp gyoza.  Frankly, this dish is good to share, but not so good as a single dish for dinner.  Four pieces, one for each adult.  Yummy! (The fun part about cruising with the family is that we can eat Asian-style too)

Curry, Indian-inspired.  We ordered the curry almost every evening.  In particular, my mother liked it.  Overall, the quality was good.

The fish.

I think this was the pork.

And the lamb chops.

Now, we move to the desserts.

This should be the low-fat panna cotta.

The sugar free option.

Now, isn't this mould very familiar?

The strawberry kiwi something.  Hah.

Warm chocolate cake.  Absolutely fantastic.

Dinner was good.  Thanks for reading!

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