Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Adventure of the Seas Day 10 MDR (Ship in Molde, Norway)

Day 10 - Ship was in Molde, Norway.  Main Dining Room Dinner!

For some strange reason, the dinner menu said 'Royal Breakfast!'.  Got me confused for a while.  But surely this was the dinner menu.

Yes, it was the dinner menu.  The inspiration was Arugula.

The tomato seafood risotto.

From another angle.  I like the presentation!

Seafood soup.

It was a clear soup, pretty good.

Lots to eat!  A hearty soup.

Oh, yet another angle of the Risotto.  Felt like I was in the mood to take photos.

Main course - beef.

What a big plate of fried rice.  This wasn't on the menu.   My girl told our waitress that there was nothing on the menu that interested her and she wanted to have fried rice!  Hah.

This was on the menu.  The paella.

Coq Au Vin.

Seriously, the portions are very large by our standards.  Maybe these are the normal portions by American standards.

Half of the fish.

Time for desserts!

The sugar free chocolate panna cotta.

What was this? Chocolate hazelnut truffle tart?  The mould certainly looks familiar.

Creme brulee, of sorts.

Hmmmm... looks delicious.  The low-fat apple tart.

Another look at this dessert.

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