Monday, July 28, 2014

Adventure of the Seas Stavanger Day 12 - MDR

Main Dining Room - Day 12, Stavanger.

Tonight was the Jasmine menu.  Jasmine rice?  I had read on the cruise critic boards that Jasmine night was supposedly the Lobster night?  Well, we didn't get any lobster tonight.  Either I read wrongly, or they changed the menus!

In fact, we didn't get any lobster in the MDR throughout this cruise.  Disappointment.

The seafood salad.

Another angle.

Mushroom puff - Creamed Wild Mushrooms.

The beef.  Carved Roasted Beef Prime Rib.

Yorkshire pudding plus the baked potato.  For us, on a cruise, this is way too much carbo.  So we usually avoid eating the carbs.   The meat was good!

Pan-fried Giant Prawn.  Good.

Another angle of the Prawns.

Duck Leg Confit.

Here was the dessert menu.

Grand Mariner Souffle

What cake was this?  The layers are nice.   I think this was the low fat angel food cake.

The Baked Alaska.  Just a pot full of ice cream!  The kids loved it.  They each had one  Yikes!

Can't remember what this was.

Nice!  I think this was really yummy.

Some pictures of the dining room.  The Captain was hosting dinner.

Oh, the gents.  This was outside the Windjammer.  No more loo with a view, unlike the Voyager of the Seas.

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