Sunday, March 23, 2014

MK Restaurant, Bangkok Thailand

MK Restaurant

While at Asiatique, we decided to dine at MK Restaurant.  The full name is Thailand MK Suki Restaurant.  We always look forward to dining at MK when we go to Bangkok.  The entire family likes it.

Our appetites aren't big, so we do not order very much.  This is the plate of veges that we usually order, not the large size but the normal size.  We also order a portion of chicken, you can see in the red container.

The Thai MK Restaurants serve complimentary ice water which is lightly mixed with some type of fragrant tea.  I find this drink very refreshing in the Bangkok weather.  Unfortunately, the MK Restuarants in Singapore do not have complimentary drinks.   We are bringing the water to a boil before putting in the raw food.  A very fast process.

While the food at MK is cooked bland, the Thai restaurant provides sauces and chillies.  Here you see the famous MK sauce, as well as some garlic and green chillis.

There's our pot of soup, with the vegetables cooking.

MK is also very famous for its roast duck, roast chicken as well as 'char siew' or roasted pork. Today, we got the roasted chicken plus roasted pork combo.  The plate of meat looked dry, but don't worry, there is a bowl of sauce, served separately.

We also ordered some Dim Sum - paus and shrimp siew mai.  They tasted good!

They could extend the table to the left.  I found this extension very useful.  We had run out of space on the main table.   Together with the food you see here, we ordered 3 bowls of white rice to go along with the food.

Another hearty meal from MK.    The total bill came up to less than 500THB or less than $20SGD.  This is the shopfront at Asiatique. 

Happy Travels!

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