Monday, March 17, 2014

Bar B Q Plaza - Central World, Bangkok, Thailand

Bar B Q Plaza

We tried Bar.B.Q Plaza for the first time - From the websites, it looks like a rather successful Thai chain store. There were good crowds at the Central World outlet.  We had heard good things of this place from a friend, so we were here to try it out.

We were here early, no crowds, yet.

Here is the table, with the cooking device cleaned and ready to use.  The pitcher at the bottom of the picture is not water, but soup for cooking.

A closer look at the cooking device, almost shining.  It is not made of gold, don't worry.  Don't touch the metal parts though, I'm sure it would be very hot.

We decided to take the Happy Family Mixed Set - 485 baht, just to try out the cooking effect for the various types of food, including meats, seafood and vegetables.  For the tray of meat, the right-most column is liver, something we don't take.

The meats arrived.  They were all thinly sliced (i.e. not much meat).  Also, they looked frozen.  I think they were just taken out of the freezer! Almost like a production factory, this place.

[Put in the video for cooking]

We start by cooking the meats.  Because they were thinly sliced, they cooked rather quickly. Of course, cook it longer.

Here was the seafood.  Beware of the bacon. They are dangerous to cook, because the oil in the fats can splatter!

Cook, cook and cook some more.  One interesting observation.  Because you have to work hard to cook the food before you eat, you end up not eating much.  And then, we still got hungry!

 There was some salad (raw vegs), cook them in the soup basin part, (i.e. perimeter of the cooking device).

Alright, we were done with cooking and eating.  This was an interesting, once-off experience.  We figured that this place wasn't our cup of tea, though we found the experience interesting.  At least there wasn't the oil smell that was typical of Bar-B-Qs.   I think this was achieved because the food wasn't very oily and the heat from the pan was low.

We would head back to our favorite restaurants to have a second round of food.

Safe travels!

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