Saturday, February 7, 2015

Taipei Crash Fight GE 235 - ATR 72-600 - Car Cam Video (from CNN)

The recent crash of TransAsia Flight GE 235 was most tragic.  It was caught on car camera in the most dramatic fashion.   Here is a clip from CNN, if you haven't already caught this.

Apparently, the ATR 72 plane (which is a turbo-prop and not a jetliner) has been involved in many accidents.  Since 1994, there have been 22 crashes.  Does this tell us something about the safety of this plane?  Not sure.

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Another link to the safety records of the ATR 72 -

Note, however, that the ATR 72 plane that crashed was only about 10 months old.  That is very new, by aircraft standards.

What went wrong?  It is too early to conclude.  However, preliminary data from the flight recorders suggest that the pilots may have committed a grave error.   One of the engines went idle soon after takeoff, and the pilots apparently shut off the other engine before the plane crashed.  This information was given by Taiwan's top aviation official.

Let's wait for the final investigation results to be released before we can conclude that cause of this very tragic accident.

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