Monday, February 16, 2015

Marina Bay Cruise Center Singapore - Check Where Your Ship Is Docking!

There are two cruise centers in Singapore. Your cruise ship will call at either Marina Bay Cruise Center or the Singapore Cruise Center at Harbourfront. Don't go to the wrong one!

Marina Bay Cruise Center (MBCC)
MBCC was opened in May 2012.  The first ship to call here was the Royal Caribbean Voyager of the Seas.   This cruise center was designed to take the largest ships in the world, including the Oasis class ships.

Due to height limitations (cable car), the Harbourfront cruise center cannot take ships that are taller than 52M.  This rules out all the modern large cruise vessels, who by default will have to call at Marina Bay (otherwise it would be a container port).

The Marina Bay Cruise Center is now conveniently served by the Marina South Pier MRT station. This video shows you the public areas of the Marina Bay Cruise Center, as well as the easy walk to the Marina South Pier MRT station.  It is a 'must-watch' if you haven't used the terminal before.

Entrance and drop-off to Marina Bay Cruise Center.

Here are some more videos that may be of interest to visitors. In this video, I drive from Raffles City area (City Hall MRT station) to the Marina Bay cruise center and back to Orchard Road.  As I pass the cruise center, I noticed a couple of taxis dropping off passengers, when there was no ship in port that day.  Obviously, these passengers had gone to the wrong cruise terminal!

On this day, there were 2 ships in port - the Celebrity Millennium as well as the Mariner of the Seas (Royal Caribbean).  Welcome to Singapore!

Check where your ship is docking!

1. Marina Bay Cruise Center - at the website, look for cruise schedules.  The schedule looks like this:

2. Singapore Cruise Center at Harbourfront - at the website, there is a schedule finder.  Search for your cruise.

Map Showing The Location
Here is a map from Google Maps showing you where the 2 cruise centers are located.  On the left, I have circled Singapore Cruise Center at Harbourfront, nearest MRT is Harborfront MRT.

On the right, I have put in a star, the Marina Bay Cruise Center.  Nearest MRT is Marina South Pier MRT.

Thanks for reading and watching my videos.

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