Tuesday, October 31, 2017

iPhone 8 Plus Unboxing and Speed Tests versus iPhone 6S Plus

Well, after using the iPhone 6S Plus for two years (which incidentally is a very good phone), I decided to get an upgrade.  At first, I was keen to buy the iPhone X, but it seems to be out of stock, and so I looked more closely at the iPhone 8 Plus.  I soon realised that the 8 Plus came with the same A11 chip, as well as the same rear facing twin 12MP camera.  Of course, the iPhone X would have all the new fanciful features, especially the front array of sensors, but I think given that this is the first iteration, I will probably wait out.

So I got the iPhone 8 Plus instead.  Here is my unboxing.  At 202g, it feels a little heavier than my existing iPhone 6S Plus (172g).  Size-wise, the two phones are almost identical, though the iPhone 8 Plus twin rear cameras protrude a bit.  Other than that, I can't tell any difference.

Installing my new phone from iTunes was very easy, so I had no downtime at all. Since I had both iPhone 6S Plus and the iPhone 8 Plus side by side, I decided to run a few benchmark tests, to satisfy myself that the 8 Plus was indeed more powerful.  After all, one was using the A9 chip, and the other the brand new A11 chip!   Here is the video.  Indeed, the 8 Plus did very well with all these benchmark tests, relative to the 6S Plus.

Thanks for watching!!

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