Friday, February 5, 2016

Wu Shu Demonstration, World Champion, Singapore, Lunar New Year 2016

This was Lunar New Year 2016 season and I chanced upon this Wu Shu demonstration at a local shopping mall. It was very interesting because this is the first time that I was watching such a demonstration!

  In the first video, the display starts with an energetic performance by a few fine young mean. Full of energy and vigour. Then, what was very surprising was when the emcee announced that a 10 year old Taijiquan exponent would come show his moves. Ten? Wow. Look at that chap. The moves look easy, but they are awfully hard. You have to keep balance, keep posture, focus, breathe... don't believe you try it yourself! Impressive patience for a 10 year old.


After that, we resume the more energetic performance with this young boy using a double sword. Very fast movements. He could probably slice his opponent into a thousand pieces, with a few swishes of this nimble arms. Awesome. I enjoyed it.


The next performance was another surprise. A young lady, looking fairly lean (and mean to a certain extent), came on stage and started her Taiqiquan moves. Her performance was clearly very polished. Just look at the movement, the rhythm, the harmony, the balance! Then she accelerated her motions (from about 1:45 of the video below) to show you that she has the swift moves too. I am sure in a real life battle situation, she could go even faster. I wouldn't mess with this young lady.

Later on, I found out that she is a World Champion! Wushu Gold medallist at the World Championships back in 2013. Wow.


Next, the two young men demonstrated their sword fighting skills. I thought that I was seeing double but it turned out that they were twins!


After the official demonstration routine was completed, the male Wushu exponents showed off a few basic self defense techniques for ladies. Had quite a good laugh. They made it look easy, but I think these slick moves require some practice.


Overall, very pleased to have caught this performance. It was a very good show by the young Wu Shu exponents. Impressive display of skills. Well done boys and girls!

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