Sunday, April 20, 2014

St Regis Yan Ting Dinner - Discovery Set Menu

St Regis Hotel Dinner - Yan Ting Restaurant

According to the website, "Yan Ting is the choice of world and business elite, a dining venue for guests to bring their most treasured family and respected business associates.  It is helmed by the St. Regis team of masterchef, presenting cuisine that are faithful to the traditional cooking techniques of Cantonese cuisine characterised by the immense diversity of ingredients used and the philosophy of bringing out the natural flavours of the freshest ingredients."

What a mouthful.

Oh well, the proof is in the eating, so let's get on with it.

This was our table set-up.  It was a private room for a private dinner.

Condiments, for each person.  Well, I like my chillis.

We had the Discovery Set Menu.  You can check their set menus online - they range from SGD 88++ per person to SGD 198++ per person.   The Discovery Set Menu was $108++ per pax.

We were early, so we had to wait for the other guests to arrive.  Just relax, and drink some tea.   The nuts were nice.

Dinner had started.  Our group brought our own wine.  A little wine to go with a nice Chinese dinner is always welcomed. People start talking more.

The first dish - Appetizer Trio.  Crispy Shrimps with Salted Egg Yolk, Tribute Vegetable Salad and Roasted Pork.  Portions were not big, but rather tasty.

Next dish, the Braised Lobster Broth.  These days, we try to avoid Shark's Fin.  Rather cruel, I must say.  I don't really care for it but I know many relatives who like it very much.  The broth was ok.

The Steam Sea Perch.  A good piece of fish, very rich and oily as I recall.

Peking Duck.  Oh, how dainty.  Nothing special about this dish, obviously not a very big portion, but hey this is not supposed to be a buffet.

Egg Noodles "Mee Pok" with XO Sauce scallops.  The scallops were good.  The "Mee Pok" was just so-so. Plenty of very good "Mee Pok" at coffeeshops and food centres.

Dessert was red pean paste with Lotus Seeds Steam Honeycomb cake.  It was not bad.  Not too sweet.

Overall, a very pleasant experience.  For the price we paid, this set was of decent value, given the location and dining ambience.

I would recommend St Regis Yan Ting if you want to throw a fine dining dinner, or if you need to entertain for business.

This is not an advertorial.  We paid for our food and drink.

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