Saturday, October 12, 2013

Laksania Review - outlet at JEM

We tried this casual eatery called Laksania, at their JEM Outlet.  This is their website - -

They are located at Level 3 - JEM.  JEM was rather quiet this afternoon.  Perhaps the crowds had not returned, since the roof collapse a while back.

Here was the picture of the restaurant logo.

Their story.  Apparently they have been around since 2008 and they operate as a social enterprise, to give job opportunities to people with disabilities.  Not a bad mission.

 They had many varieties of Laksa.  We opted for the classic - Singapore Laksa.

A picture of the Singapore Laksa on the wall.  Attractive decor.

My kids noticed some fake grass on the wall.  They asked me it were real grass!

Now, let's go on to the food pictures.

This was the Singapore Laksa.  The portion was of a good size.  The taste was good, the Laksa base was well balanced.  There were also at least 4 pieces of prawns of a decent size (can't see in this picture though). Overall, it was worth eating.

We also got a salad, as part of our healthy lifestyle.

The highlight of the salad was this laksa dip.  Tasted just like the Laksa base.

We got satay.  Chunky pieces of chicken meat, very well marinated. Instead of the traditional peanut sauce, we got the Laksa sauce.  Quite an interesting combination!

The kids had Western food.  We ordered the beef burger.  The patty has been cut into smaller pieces so that my kid could eat the meat more easily.

We also got the chicken burger.  It was a piece of fried chicken. 

This was the bill.  Total cost was $41.80.  Guess what?  My wife had a GROUPON voucher so our meal only cost us $21.80.  

Overall, it was a good experience.  At $21.80 (due to GROUPON), it was actually very good value.   

Have a good day!

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